Meet Our Horses

Ariel - Foaled in 2002, Ariel is a half-Friesian, half-Morgan mare. At first she appears to be a plain bay, but if you look closely, she has a tiny white snip on her muzzle. Ariel has a sweet, people-friendly personality, just like her half-sister Serena! Ariel came to TRI with a great deal of experience. She has dressage training, has been to shows, has gone on many trail rides, and has taught a number of kids how to ride. Her easy-going "been-there, done that" attitude and smooth, active gaits make her the perfect mount for a variety of riders. Ariel is up for adoption—we’d love to have YOU adopt her!

Belle - Belle is the newest member of the TRI equine family. Her full name is La Belle Fille--which means beautiful girl--and she certainly fits the bill! Belle is a 14-year-old bay American Warmblood mare and has a fetching star and snip. She already shows great promise as a part of the team, and is pegged to be part of the para-dressage lesson program in addition to regular lessons. Belle was purchased with through a generous grant from the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan. Belle has been adopted by the James A. and Faith Knight Foundation.

B Smiley - This handsome, red roan Quarterhorse gelding was donated to our program in August 2008. The strapping gelding was working as a trail horse but we can tell he has been well trained in a former life. Foaled on January 4, 2000, his registered name is "Pokagons Rock Along" but we renamed him "B Smiley" in honor of our beloved volunteer and board member, Beth Smiley. B Smiley has been adopted by The J. F. Ervin Foundation.

Dakota - Dakota joined the herd in 2007 and excels at working with our independent riders.  While he may look like "just another chestnut", he has one eye that is half blue and half brown.  Foaled in 2002, Dakota is a registered AQHA gelding. Dakota has been adopted from July 2019 through June 2020 by Special Tree Rehabilitation System.

Ella - There is one universal reaction when people first meet Ella "WOW, she's BIG!!". At 16.3hh, she is tall and powerful, yet surprisingly smooth and graceful. Our black Percheron mare was foaled in 2000 and has been thrilling riders and stretching sidewalkers since she joined us in fall 2007. Ella has been adopted by The Faith and James Knight foundation in honor of Gerald Knight.

Hey Dobbs! - Foaled in 1997, Dobbs is a Morgan gelding, a dark liver chestnut color similar to coffee. His registered name is "Equinox Declaration" and he came to us in 2001.  At 14.2 hh, Dobbs is energetic, spunky, and enthusiastic about his job.  He is fun to ride, loves kids, and is terrific for our students who are becoming more advanced. Hey Dobbs! Has been adopted by The Buhr Foundation.

Leon - Leon joined the TRI equine staff in 2013.  He is a 14.2hh gelding Haflinger and was foaled in 2003.  He is so handsome that he quickly earned the nickname “Fabio.”  This sturdy gelding is best buddies with Majic – reminding observers of “Mutt and Jeff” when they are in the paddock together. Leon has been adopted by David and JoAnna Featherman, in honor of instructor Jan Vescelius.

Majic - Foaled in approximately 1996, Majic is a gray Welsh gelding.  He may only be 1

2.3 hh, but apparently he doesn't know that!  His spunky attitude was evident from the moment he went out into the paddock with his new friends.  His smooth flowing gait, not choppy like most ponies, makes him ideal for a smaller riders who need someone just their size. Majic has been adopted by The Laura J. Niles Foundation.

Major (registered name "Majority Rules") is a bay Morgan gelding foaled in 2007. Before coming to TRI in 2014, Major did some work as a trail horse and had some western training. His sturdy 15hh frame makes him a good choice for a variety of riders and sidewalkers. Major has a fun, "can-do" personality, perfect for beginning riders. Major has been adopted by The James A. and Faith Knight Foundation

Miko - Miko is a sturdy chestnut gelding, foaled in 1995.  He is the perfect height for our sidewalkers at 14.2 hh but is strong enough for our bigger riders. The most frequent comment overheard when someone sees Miko  for the first time?  "Awwww, he's so cute!" Miko has been adopted by Bruce and Sherry Robinson.


Miz Skarlett - Skarlett is a beautiful Arabian mare with amazing breeding, brains, and personality. TRI thanks Paul and Kathy Kroll-Smoke for their generous, kind donation of this wonderful horse. Skarlett is good minded, has great conformation, and is very personable. She is a wonderful addition to our equine staff. Miz Skarlett has been adopted by The Faith and James Knight foundation in honor of Gerald Knight. 

Serena - Serena, her registered name is "Serene Sweetness", is a 15.2hh bay Morgan mare. She was foaled in 2008 and has a gentle temperament and excellent work ethic.  Prior to coming to TRI she worked as a lesson horse. She has smooth, forward gaits with natural balance and will make a perfect mount for riders transitioning to independence.  Serena has been adopted by Rebecca Bakker-Arkema and Erik Bakker, Pam and Bruce Litchford, and MIS Cares.

Sigbjorn - Sigbjorn brought a European flavor to our barn when he arrived in August 2006. He was foaled in 1996, and is a dun Norwegian Fjord. At just 14 hh, he is small but mighty, designed for strength and sidewalkers.  Check out his stylish dorsal stripe, and "punk" mane. He amuses us with his playful personality. Sigbjorn has been adopted by Steve and Judy Dobson.

Thank you to all our Adopt-a-Horse Donors!  

To learn more about our Adopt-A-Horse program, please contact us by telephone at 734-677-0303 or email us.