Our Riders

Our reason for being here…

Benefits of riding and equine assisted activities

The unique gait of the horse moves the rider's body in a way that closely resembles the way people walk.  Riding and working with horses can supply a freedom that many of our students do not experience in their daily life. The ability to control a horse adds a sense of power that increases confidence and self-esteem.  Students have the opportunity to socialize and make new acquaintances that can become long term friends.


Sensory integration Proprioception and spatial orientation Fine and gross motor control Postural alignment and control Balance and coordination Normalization of muscle tone Increased muscle strength Dexterity


Sequencing Problem solving Memory Following multi-step directions Self-expression Task completion Decision making Executive functioning


Improved self-esteem Goal setting Motivation Sense of control Empowerment Increased confidence Patience


Teamwork Leadership Cooperation Empathy Caregiving


Every lesson offers growth

… new skills, strength, balance and fun!