Wed-142 All riders are required to complete Annual Paperwork – “2019 Rider Forms” are DUE MARCH 1! Below are links to the Annual Rider Forms.

Also below are the links to the AVAILABILITY FORMS* for ALL sessions for 2019; please read them carefully for due dates and rider fees.

*The AVAILABILITY forms allow you to indicate your preferences for ride days and times.  If you do not want to ride in a session, please indicate and return the form.  You may return the forms for all sessions at once or individually by due dates.  Rider fees must accompany all availability forms (if you are riding).

2019 Annual Rider Forms – DUE MARCH 1.  Riders may not attend if forms are not returned.

2019 Annual Rider Forms

2019 Early Bird Availability

2019 Spring Summer Availability

2019 Fall Availability

2019 Holiday Availability

Follow the link below for the 2019 Program Calendar

2019 Program Calendar

Interested in Riding at TRI?

If you are interested in riding at TRI, please call us at 734-677-0303 or email us at for information about our program and current wait list.

Click here to read our Rider Handbook.