Summer Camp Registration 

Please submit your information to register. Your registration is not complete without payment. An invoice will be issued once you are approved to participate and placed in appropriate week.

Registration Deadline: June 30, 2019
Contact our Program Director, Jan Vescelius for questions about camp in general or for appropriate week for you/your camper:

Camp Week: *
Please indicate the camp that is most appropriate: Week #1: “Summer Fun at TRI Camp,” August 5-7. This camp is for campers who may need support for regulating behaviors and emotions in addition to extra assistance in riding skills and other camp activities. We are planning on fun, appropriate activities and volunteer support to make the summer` camp experience great! Week #2: “Advanced Horsemanship Skills Camp,” August 12-14. Campers are able to steer, stop, and turn and can perform basic patterns and tests with little assistance. Campers may need physical assistance for mobility but can use their abilities for riding skills. Camp focus will be on advancing skill levels.
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Camper Name
Parent or Guardian (if under 18)
Parent or Guardian (if under 18)
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Emergency Contact
In case of an emergency, if unable to reach parent or guardian, please contact:
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Emergency Contact Phone Number